CSDIAI History

A Broader Look...

CSDIAI welcomes Nevada State Division (NSDIAI)! NSDIAI merged with CSDIAI in January 2020 which has given CSDIAI a larger membership base, more forensic expertise and collaboration among our IAI colleagues.

Fingerprinting the President

The IAI past President Harry Caldwell, CSDIAI Past President Harry Caldwell 1923-1925, fingerprinted President Harding in the White House in 1921. The IAI had their convention in DC that year. The group photo was taken outside of the White House on the lawn.

10 Fun Facts

  1. Oakland Police Inspector Henry H. "Harry" Caldwell founded both the IAI and the CSDIAI (1915 and 1916, respectively). He held the first conventions of both organizations in Oakland. Caldwell was the first president of the IAI, but not of the CSDIAI. That honor went to Adolph Juel of the San Francisco Police Department, who served from 1916-1921.
  2. CSDIAI changed their name shortly after the IAI dropped IACI in favor of IAI in 1918.
  3. Annual dues in 1919 were $2 ($29.64 in 2020's dollars).
  4. CSDIAI held the first IAI/CSDIAI joint convention in 1926 in Los Angeles.
  5. While the CSDIAI was the first chartered division of the IAI (1916), the next division wouldn't be chartered until 1935 with Texas. Texas was followed by North Carolina in 1938.
  6. During World War II, the CSDIAI held 1-day conventions.
  7. 1948 was the first time that the CSDIAI met outside of California for a convention (Reno, Nevada).
  8. The first Nevadan to become a CSDIAI president was Richard Heap of Reno, who served from 1948-1949.
  9. Donna Jewett was the CSDIAI's first female president in 1989.
  10. The CSDIAI traveling banner, displayed at IAI conferences, was created in 1992 at a cost of $307 ($561 in 2020's dollars).