General Membership Information

Please Read

If you are applying for the first time as a member of the California State Division of the IAI, please complete the correct form. Submitting the incorrect form will delay your acceptance into the Association.

Download and complete the Application form. Once completed, you may print the form and mail (or email) it along with your payment to:



Laura Lathrop
PO Box 408
Visalia, CA 93279


Email the completed form with the credit card information attached to the Secretary-Treasurer at and

Membership Renewal Information - PLEASE READ
Renewal Notices and Invoices are being emailed directly to all current members via Quick Books Online (QBO). If you wish to renew your membership, please review the information below:

Members will be receiving an emailed invoice through QBO for their 2022 membership dues. Follow the prompts in that email and you can pay for your dues online by entering your payment information (you can still mail a check to the Sec/Treas P.O. Box). If you feel comfortable with how to make an online payment, I would still encourage you to read through the FAQ below as it may apply to your agency or a particular question you may have.

Note: There is no longer a renewal form to fill out for your membership

The membership of this Association shall consist of Life Members, Active Members, Associate Members, Student Members, and Honorary Members.

Active Membership $55
The Active Membership of this Association should be those persons actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, practitioner or supervisor in the forensic sciences, whose membership has been approved and whose annual dues have been paid as required by the CSD IAI. Active Members shall not lose their status because of retirement or change of position, so long as they remain members of the CSD IAI. Active Members may hold office. Active Members shall be entitled to one (1) vote with respect to each matter presented to the membership of the CSD IAI for a vote, shall be provided access to the CSD IAI Membership Directory, and each of the issues of official CSD IAI publications. The annual dues for Active Members shall be set forth in the Association Bylaws.

Associate Members $55
All reputable persons wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of identification or investigation and who are not qualified for Active Membership are eligible to become Associate Members. They shall in all respects be subject to the same rights and privileges as Active Members except that they shall be eligible to hold only the office of Director.

Student Members $45
Student Membership shall consist of all persons enrolled as a student in an accredited college or university, who are majoring in a law enforcement or forensic science related field. Students, who graduate and become employed in law enforcement in a forensic specialty, may transfer their membership to Active or Associate status.

Student Members shall in all respects be subject to the same rights and privileges as Active Members, except that they shall not have the right to vote nor be eligible to hold any elected or appointed office of this Association.

A Student Membership will terminate at the end of the third calendar year in which they graduate or upon request for transfer to an Active or Associate Membership.

Student members can remain in the organization for 3 years after completion of their Forensic Program, and or college graduation. After that time, they can only remain a member if employed in a Law Enforcement, and/or Forensic Specialty organization.

Life Member
Life Membership shall be bestowed on all Past Presidents. Life Membership shall be bestowed on any member who has paid dues continuously for twenty-five (25) consecutive years.

Honorary Members
Honorary Members of this Association shall consist of persons who have performed some particular service for the Association or who have in some way done some conspicuous thing for law enforcement. Such person or persons, upon motion of any member in good standing, may be elected to Honorary Membership for a period of one year. Honorary Members are excused from the payment of dues and assessments and shall not be eligible to vote or hold office.

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Membership, in recognition of the Member's superior efforts in the furtherance of the goals of the California State Division, International Association for Identification, may be conferred upon a Life, Active, or Associate Member of the California State Division, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

A Distinguished Member retains all rights, privileges, and obligations of the class of membership they held prior to being designated as Distinguished member.
Any member, in good standing, who accrues ten (10) credits, which are acquired in a manner described in the Distinguished Membership Procedure, by (1) the publication of forensic related articles, (2) participation in the activities of the California State Division, International Association for Identification, and (3) other contributions to the forensic community; and who has not been censured or otherwise disciplined during their period of membership is eligible to apply.