California State Division International Association for Identification

Standing Committee Assignments

Audit & Finance

Committee Oversight:Nicole Osborn, 1st VP
Chairperson:Cindy Hull, Senior Director (N)
 Vice-Chairperson: Bryanna Toussaint, Jr. Dir. (S)
Member: Cynthia Fortier, 3rd Year (S)
Member: Iris Ott, 2nd Year (N)
Member: Ricardo Tombac,1st Year (S)

(Each appointment is for 3 years and are to represent North (N), South (S), Mid (M) or as directed by the Bylaws)


Oversight: Krishna Patel, Sergeant at Arms 
Secretary-Treasurer: Christina Sams

(Each appointment is for 1 year and/or as directed by the Bylaws)

IAI Division Representative

Member: Phil Hess, Past President

Laws & Legislation

Committee Oversight: VACANT, 3rd VP
Chairperson: Bryanna Toussaint, 1st Year (S)
 Student Member: Serena McAloney (S)

(Each appointment is for 1 year and are to represent North (N), South (S), Mid (M) or as directed by the Bylaws)

Midyear Coordinator

Member: Tara Fahey, Chairperson


Chairperson: Cynthia Fortier, Senior Dir. (S)
Member: vacant
Member: vacant
Member: vacant

Scholarship and Grant

Committee Oversight: Jeff Cecil, 2nd VP
Chairperson: Laura Lathrop, Senior Director (N)
Vice-Chairperson: Joseph Matway, Jr. Dir. (S)
Member: Roxanne Mirza, 3rd Year (S)
Member: Katrina Frink, 2nd year(S)
 Member: TBA,1st Year (N)
Past President: Mark Waldo  

(Appointments are for three years and require Executive Committee approval. Must have a N, MID and S representation. The Past President is voted on by the Past Presidents at the Seminar the President is sworn in)

Seminar Audit Committee

Member: Cindy Hull, Past President
Member: Steve Nash, Past President

(Each appointment is for 1 year and must be filled by a Past President)


Seminar Coordinator: Tony Nguyen, President

Speakers Chairperson: Krishna Patel
Speakers Assistant/Runner: TBA

Vendor's Chairperson: Jeff Cecil
Vendor Assistant/Runner: TBA

Registration Chairperson: Sally Jones
Registration Member: TBA
Registration Member:  TBA
Registration Member: TBA
Registration Member: TBA
Photographer: Juan Rodriguez